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What is the complete OPPOSITE of narcissism?

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I have bipolar disorder, type 1 (classic and most pronounced). I have a friend that meets all the symptoms for Narcissitic Personality Disorder. I know that bipolar is not classified as a personality disorder, as is narcissism. My question is, within the realm of personality disorders, what would be the "photo negative image" of narcissism? I ask, because I am the exact OPPOSITE of my friend, and would like to know what the name for this is, besides bipolar. (Yes, I'm on medication).

Any information appreciated. Thanks!

I think the opposite of Narcisistic is.................HUMAN.

The personality disorders all have a lot in common with each other-- the only thing they are opposite of is healthy and functional :)

Actually, there aren't that many personality disorders, so you could just look online to see what they are.  They are narcissistic, histrionic, avoidant, and borderline.  Probably, if you are trying to figure out which one you are, you aren't one!

Maybe what you are asking is what disorder makes a person insecure.  Lots of things make people insecure, and it doesn't mean you have a personality disorder.  It just means something injured you along the way.

If you want, could you give more of a sense of what's worrying you?  What gives you the sensation of being opposite of a narcissist?


--- Quote from: Mollie ---My question is, within the realm of personality disorders, what would be the "photo negative image" of narcissism?
--- End quote ---

There are no personality disorders that are the opposite of narcissism. However it is very common for narcissist personalities and borderline personalities to end up together as couples, friends, etc. But they aren't the opposites. They are complementary in some ways and that's why they are compatible with each other.


The dictionary definition of narcissism is "self-love".  So the precise opposite must be "self-hate".  I personally believe that the term "narcissism" has been used to define persons who have such controlled and regulated behavior due to their own neurosis, that they have no ability to respond to the needs of others.  These are just my simplistic thoughts.


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