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Re: summer stuff
« Reply #45 on: September 14, 2018, 01:10:40 PM »
It's "rare" I suppose, because of how slow-moving it is. Usually, there's a beautiful day, followed by an increasingly overcast & growing more humid day, as you're working your butt off outside to nail things down... and then 24-36 hrs of storm... and then another beautiful, but still really humid day to go clean up stuff. There isn't enough intensity or forward motion yet with Florence. So New Bern & Wilmington are still seeing storm - while out Chapel Hill way - they started seeing the first of the storm last night. She's gonna take her own sweet time sweeping across part of SC, too - before the other weather systems that have her trapped there, move or weaken enough to let her turn north up the mountains.

There won't be any wind to speak of at all by the time she gets up here. Just a lot more rain. My county is already past our average rainfall totals for a normal year - and that's just counting June till now. I imagine I'll still be trying to get wood split and grass mowed when it's cold enough for this rain to be snow. Radio weatherman even warned people to not freak out about the big round yellow thing in the sky we might see late Tues/Wed. LOL. Yeah, it's been that long. All summer we've alternated between weeks of SAD weather, and blazing hot & humid melty weather. It's been surreal and isn't going to get any better, I hear.

Both of my long-term, online "useful big brothers" have needed support as adult survivors of not just Nparents - but in some cases much worse - this past week or so. The one, had such an intense vivid flashback to when he was hit by a car as a kid, that he's banned himself from driving till this stretch clears up. The doc's family life growing up would definitely resonate around here with all of us and his current family situation is triggering old stuff - and he's in a foggy thinking place, about his choices and decisions. Whether I like it or not, it seems I'm moving into the compassionate witness role. It sure wasn't intentional. But, I don't mind returning the favor of being someone to lean on.

---please pardon the interruption---

Hops, at 2 ft from the house, as much as I LIKE trees and commune with their strength and endurance and stoicism... I would resign myself to having it professionally removed. That proximity is simply not good for the tree, roots can grow into your drains and shift the foundation of the house... apart from the danger of falling. The pros will climb up the tree and gradually cut from the top down - lowering sections and big limbs with ropes. It's pricey; but it is the safest way to do it.
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Re: summer stuff
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Don't mind the interruption at all! Always a pleasure.

Glad you can help your online bros...sure sounds painful, what
they're each going through. As to compassionate witnessing, sometimes
it keeps me feeling as though my existence has purpose and meaning.
I'm all for it. Until it starts to feel so one-way...well, you know.

As to tree. Yes. I took down its ill matching-age sibling from out front
a year ago. And have had other trees taken down over time. So I'm
familiar with how it's done. Was pleased with the tidy job, if not the
price tag. I'm thinking about it.

It already put a crack in the concrete foundation, and at the time I bought
this house I was running on adrenalin, and liked the tree so much I just
said, what the hell, it was here first... I know, but that's how poets are.

Perhaps I will change my mind. I just figured by the time it heaves my
house's addition out of its way, I'll be long gone. But it would be kinder
to leave an intact concrete pad (under the addition) to my D than a
seriously defective one, of course. Just warn't in the mood to care at
that mo'.

As is, will be a relatively simple fix, involving a trench and patching. But
the longer I let it go....

If I could afford solar panels I'd definitely let the tree go with less pain.

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Re: summer stuff
« Reply #47 on: September 21, 2018, 04:50:15 AM »
I hope the hurricane avoided you, Hops (does this windy creature know who she's messing with??! lol).  We've had the tail end of it here, I believe, lots of wind and rain which living where we are now has been quite dramatic - watching the clouds rush across the sky across the tops of the hills has been breath taking.  It's calmed down now and is very sunny and fresh - it feels like it's blown everything clean.  I hope it has settled for you now.

I thought your idea for the heart with all the charity cards coming out of it was beautiful.  He was very blessed to have you around in those final stages.  We happened to be in a cafe once where a family were holding a wake and they'd done something similar.  Everyone had written their own summation on the chap who had passed away and what he'd meant to them and then the clippings had been arranged on a board with photographs of him at different stages of his life.  It was very moving, even for us as people who didn't know him.  I think it's a lovely way to represent someone and it's something nice that people can photograph and take home to remind them of him.  I find taking pictures of flowers at a funeral quite depressing and no-one really feels like getting in to snapshots so to have something like that as a souvenir of his life is a really beautiful gesture xx