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Re: Mindfulness
« Reply #90 on: November 23, 2018, 12:32:29 PM »
Hey Lighter,
You should be a food writer! Ever thought of that?

The reason I'm getting off dairy isn't tolerance, I love all things dairy. I'm aiming for "mostly off" not because of me, but because I love cows. Empathy calls when I help myself to their meant-for-their-babies' milk and it's been bugging me for a while. Even pastured, songs-and-massages-every-day, uber-humanely-treated cows are invariably slaughtered when they slow or stop their "production." They're still products.

I spent time on a farm when I was young and helped the manager drive a field of veal calves away from their mothers, then listened to them all bellowing in anguish nonstop, day and night, for almost five days. Sat on my porch and realized what I was listening to. That was the seed.

I still eat fish. I have less compassion for them (no excuses), and I still wear leather and collect plastic even when a reusable tote's in my car trunk because I don't feel like taking the short walk outside to retrieve it and I do all sorts of other lazy unethical shit.

So mostly these choices aren't virtue, but personal pain reduction. If it actually helps the environment or an animal, I'm glad, but I'm not selfless.

BUT HEY, I have bought a contraption that delights me. I was thinking about a laundry drying rack and came across these gorgeous, hardwood, Pennsylvania-built, dowel-construction racks online and just did it. It absolutely lives up to the rave reviews for construction and performance. Every single time I drape my damp laundry over it I feel more connected to something like old-school simplicity, slowness (starting out, it takes me 5-10 minutes to load but as I use it I'm getting quicker with what goes best where), and just a sense that the ghost of a grandmother is keeping me company. I got the Medium size and it handles a full load perfectly. Except for my ginormous flannel nightshirts, which I just dry over the shower rod.

I still use the dryer now and then but waaaaaay less, so the rack will pay for itself in electricity savings--my guess is in under a year. At the same time it does feel good to be using less fossil fuel. winter, setting it up (takes 3 sec) inside humidifies the air. Sooooo nice to do something natural that is so easy and straightforward. Air is free! Air dries clothes! It can take a full day, occasionally overnight, depending. Fine by me. I smile every time I look at it.

In spring and summer and fall I'll just pop it on the back patio in sunny/breezy weather.

(And I just thought about your thread title and realized than when I'm loading the rack, sock by sock, I actually do feel mindful. It's probably how you feel while cooking. Awesome.)


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Re: Mindfulness
« Reply #91 on: November 25, 2018, 09:31:01 AM » sister took the girls to a one woman show.  There was much slapping if bare breasts, and horrifying imagery they couldn't explain clearly.  I believe this was a form of Japanese theater.  This Caucasian woman trained IN Japan to perform one new and one older piece.  I know everyone in our group was gobsmacked, and caught off guard.  A lot of WWII Japanese Internment camp material, dragging the American flag around. 

Not burlesque, for sure.

We saw Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band recently, and that was a lot of fun.

I've had my head down, going through papers.  We've burned one burn barrel full, and will burn another soon.  My desk feels inviting, and organized after taking a load of books to Goodwill. 

We also started cleaning out the garage....both sides, which required another trip to Goodwill.  I'm letting things go.  If I haven't used it in 2 years, it's gone.

I'm also going to the island to finish getting cottage ready to rent.  Christmas planned in Canada.  We rented a large 5 bedroom house to entertain in, and launch from.  Kids old enough to walk the block to Yonge St.  Downtown a quick public transport away.  Not sure what we'll do for New Year's Eve.  Everyone will likely want something different, ime.

The front yard is now mostly leaves.  I'm shocked that the stoned in moss features, around large trees, mostly look like putting greens, maybe bc they're so flat.  I'm not complaining.....just surprised.  Moss, stones and leaves are informal things, individually.  How do they manage to collectively look like formal putting greens.

::shaking head::.

Oh well.  Will figure it out later. 

Leaving town first thing in the morning, trying to figure out best key storage lockbox for beach cottage Airbnb users....needs to stand up to ocean, and be easy to use and change code, secure.  Anyone here know anything about them?

Still worried about brother's health, and his views on it....treat symptoms, never causes. 

We're putting up a large fake tree this year. Haven't done that 25 years, but want Nana to have easier Christmas with us gone.  No needles.  She can use it every year.... it's pretty, with different textures mixed in. 
PS. I really like goat butter!

Oh Lighter, the one woman show sounds a bit different!  Never mind - good for kids to experience things that make them think "I'm not watching that again" :)

You sound very busy again.  Good on you for letting things go.  I've started to accumulate a little bit again, more through just not getting round to rehoming things really.  I'm glad you've been able to burn paperwork and create yourself some space.  Life does feel better when things are clear and orderly and we can just find what we're looking for easily.  It gets tiring when you have to dig through piles of papers to find the one letter you need.  I'm glad you're able to let it go.  And the Christmas plans sound lovely!

No ideas re the lock box, I'm afraid, I hope you were able to find something that does the job.  We always have a fake tree now; I used to get real ones but the needles go everywhere, the cat attacks it and gets bits stuck in her paws and I always used to buy one too big; they look small in the field but when I got them home they were huge :) Lol.  I hope all the work with the island house goes well, that has been a project and a half for you xx


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Re: Mindfulness
« Reply #92 on: November 28, 2018, 10:08:30 PM »

If I could blink my eyes, and make for human consumption unheard of, I would.  It's not sustainable, and those dear calves break my heart too.

I bought two key lock boxes by Master Lock.  They have pretty good reviews.  Two different models.  One should do the trick.

I'm editing, organizing, and cleaning like mad on the island with my sister.  We've been here since Monday, arriving in a bleary-eyed sleep deprived haze.  This is the first trip where the cottage feels like a home.   We're doing small loads of laundry in a tiny wash machine, and drying on a line.  It's been wicked windy, and happily efficient. 

We made 3 trays of lasagna yesterday so we don't hav to stop and cook for workers.  Lots done today, including guest cottage painted, and Stirage container organized.  Tomorrow should be productive.

I had a small panic attack around 11am.  I resolved it with a frontal occipital hold, and was back on track ten minutes later.   I wish I had that tool 20 years ago. 

It looks like my niche, on the island, will be the total island experience.  This means Bahamian prepared meals, and drinks three times a day.

Oh dear.  I just heard from our first renter.  She's booked a week over Christmas for herself abd 3 friends.   She lives near me, and rents her basement apartment out consistently as a super host on Airbnb.  She's getting a deal, and I'm getting feed back and my first review.  I'm excited, and nauseous at once. 

I have a zillion things to do, and lots if unfinished business.

Thanksgiving was brutal.  Tons of cooking, clearing trees and brush off the point.  We had two huge bonfires burning for 2 days straight.  I look like I've been clearing brush....a but of a mess, but getting lots done.

That's my update. 

I look forward to catching up on the board, Amazons.



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Re: Mindfulness
« Reply #93 on: November 29, 2018, 08:05:47 AM »
Lighter, your work load sounds huge and I'm always in awe of how much you get done whilst still keeping up good eating habits and juggling different projects and different people.  I'm sure your Air BnB visitor will be great; she'll be able to give you insider information on anything that needs to be done differently and will be understanding/accommodating of you as a first timer because she knows what it all entails.  I have read some ridiculous reviews online; people complaining that the sheep on the farm they stayed at made too much noise or the beach was too pebbly.  Quite often there are newspaper articles where someone rounds up daft reviews and the silly things people say.  So it will be great for you to get good, sound feedback from someone who knows how it is from the other side as well.  You've done well to get her as your first guest.

I hope things go smoothly and I hope that you don't get any more panic attacks.  I'm glad your frontal lobe thingy worked well :) Lol :)  It is handy to be able to have these tools to get us through these tough times.


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Re: Mindfulness
« Reply #94 on: December 11, 2018, 01:20:53 PM »

No more panic attacks, and the island work continued after I left.  My 'renter" had someone chopping on trees and another worker brought the real tree guy to start, which means there's a conflict, but there always seems to be a conflict.  I can't please them all, and I certainly can't control them.  If I stay calm.  Refuse to react, or act, then things calm down, and work out typically.

I think the panic attack was more about the realization I'm committed to other people's dreams.  The lake was my father's dream.  The island was my husband's.  I buckled under backbreaking non stop labor, and paying outrageous sums to cart stuff to the island, while unable to line up workers during my shirt stay.  Things worked out, but it was unclear how they would work out. 

When we landed, I had to pinch myself, bc the weather was perfect.  No bugs.  We had everything we needed the first 3 days, and workers simply showed up at my door with great timing.  We got the wall mounted ac units ordered, biated in, and picked up, then the installers we're standing on my doorstep when we got home. 

Home.  That's the first time I've thought of the cottage that way, and I can't wait to share pics with you. 

The installers we're unable to get the 18000 BTU unit working, so I paid the guy, I was trying to hire for the install, $60.00 to figure it out.  I'll never get used to the locals not answering phone calls, or not having phones in some cases. 

Having workers there, while I'm gone is worrisome, bc 2 or more with access means they'll be pointing fingers if tools go missing.  Tools are difficult to get, and we're pretty set by now

My brother will bring a large piece of equipment onto the island to tear down trees and level the lot.  I'm not worrying about a seawall at this point.  The broken seawall was repaired at the walkway fir safety....picture a little wooden bridge.  It's solid, for now.

I'm busy making a list for the renter.  I'll send her with a key, and lockbox she can install. 

I have anxiety about hiring a cook and housekeeper.  I know I need several people to make this work as a business, and it's difficult to manage.  People want the work, but they also want to do what they want to do, so I need back up cooks, and housekeepers, and my renter to be on top of them all.

Not sure I mentioned it, but we think providing the Island experience, with meals, and service, will be our Airbnb market.

People to help get the fresh seafood, take them fishing, prepare the food in an island one has stoves or ovens.  It's difficult to figure out, and dragging groceries, and 5 gallon bottles of water can be difficult, bc taxis and the ferry have to be arranged.  It's slow, esp in 98 degree weather when you forgot bug spray, and you're managing small children as well.  Been there.  Done that.  Will try the full service approach.  Just finding the cottage can be difficult, to be honest.

An Airbnb host, at the other end of our island, has a huge fancy house on the canal.  He caters to rich people with yachts, and staff, and boats in monthly to do his own repairs.  I can't go every month, so need to get my renter, who provides security and services instead of paying rent, to step up in an organized meaningful way that works.  He'll be off the island when the first renter arrives, as will his sister who he wants to hire for housekeeping. 

See?  This is a problem for me, and it hurts his feelings when I line other people up, but this is business.  When he's covering everything, and not dropping balls, then I can step out.

I'll try to attach pictures now.  The bunk room turned out to be shabby chic adorable.