Author Topic: Youngest dd and I had pow wow today about food, training, and editing house  (Read 107 times)


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This evening we ate a hamburger on salad dinner, made Cloud Bread (for the first time,) then learned the line dance to Foot Loose the movie. Lots of laughter, and.....
dancing's a short cut to happiness, for sure.

Tomorrow dd15 begins 3 days of Four hour driving lessons in a row.  She's a bit terrified, and not sure if she wants me in the back seat or not.  Will see.

Wish us luck.


Aw Lighter, Footloose is one of my favourite films, I even liked the remake!  I find I usually prefer the originals but I thought the remake was great - different enough to be different but still retained all the stuff that made it Footloose :)  Life long obsession with Kevin Bacon started when I saw that film.  How did driving lesson go? xx


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DD is doing swell.  Her instructor announced DD could "be a race driver."


I found that very disconcerting, and not at all comforting. 

DD said instructor commented on DD's riding up on other drivers too fast, and speeding a bit, so I'm guessing the comment wasn't supposed to be comforting, though it was delivered as though I should.  Odd, really.

This instructor seems to adore DD, and compliments her wit and humor... wants me to feeeeeel DD will drive without struggle.  DD was very anxious before beginning, but seems relaxed, and confident at this point.  They're driving downtown today, and this is a bustling tourist area right now....  dogs, and jay walking everywhere.  I think I'm more anxious than DD and instructor, who has a brake pedal on her side of the car only.  No steering wheel.  :shock:  I think there should be two steering wheels.

I don't know how instructor does it.  She drives with students all the time... I mean she drives them 8 hours a day all week long... on the weekends.  Nerves of steel, that one.

So the line dancing.... it's a different kind of movement than anything, and the knee I had the ACL replacement is twinging a bit.  Right at the incision points, which I guess are the connection points.   :shock:

I think it's the hopping back and forth from right to left to right feet that's doing it. 

Maybe the hinging that knee back and forth, smacking the heel with left hand, then right hand behind the back. 

Whatever it is, I've put it down for a bit.  If I didn't say before, youngest dd's PE class was tasked with learning the line dance this year, and we've had so much fun laughing at the stories, and doing it ourselves.  Much fun.

In my day, it was square dancing; )




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Oh, dear. I'm glad you put it down, Lighter.
My recent injury (knee) really made me stop and accept: joints DO succumb to wear and tear, and the hell some of my old folks go through to walk, just to stay mobile, is a cautionary tale....

Oh, and I knocked down a line of folks like dominos in a private-lesson line dancing class. I mean, I'm right behind the cowbody-teacher who's on a stage in front of us, teaching beautifully with a head mike so we could hear his clear instructions and moving through each step very cleanly, back turned to us so we had the same exact perspective, perfect visibility, great music, all so well done...

But. It being a Contrary Native American Indian. Look 'em up.


"That'll do, pig, that'll do."